We want your help. Do you have any thoughts or ideas about products that we should be selling? Let us know through this contact page.

At Bicycle Parts Wholesale we are working hard to become the best wholesaler in the industry. We believe that this involves, having a comprehensive range of products (including older parts, if still available) that are barcoded and professionally packaged for display purposes where appropriate. To be competitively priced and most importantly, to be in stock, if at all reasonably possible. We endeavor to send out all orders on the same day that they are received and we are always happy to add to your order if it hasn't already been sent.

If you are not a current Bicycle Parts Wholesale customer we invite you to join our family. Simply email Andrew by clicking on the following link.

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We are keen to hear from our customers regarding ways we can improve our service and products or in relation to products that we should sell but currently do not. Over the past year we have assisted a number of customers by importing specialist product for their requirements at a special "one off" pricing. Use the following link to tell us what you think.

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We would like to build strong trading relationships with all our customers and assist in the tough times as well as the good times. Please call Andrew and discuss any special needs you may have.
Great trading and fun riding to all!!!